How to choose your own oscillating knife cutting machine

Current status of oscillating knife cutting machine

Many customers complain that there are too many oscillating knife cutting machines now, the appearance looks much the same, but the price is very different, non-professional people, can only listen to the sales representatives talk, in fact, the customer is not sure. So they ask around friends, colleagues, but they also do not understand, it is difficult to give you the most suitable advice.


The oscillating blade cutting machine is now mainly used for the production of mass custom orders, the average production capacity is 2-3 times higher than the manual, and the advantages of processing are very obvious. If our order quantity is very large, we would like to order multiple cutting equipment. Even went to a fellow traveler and saw a couple of units with headers hooked up and was very impressed. In fact, the technical core of the oscillating knife cutting machine is in the motion control card, and at present in the multi-axis multi-drive control technology, there is still a long way to go. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose a lot of head cutting machine, it's good that suitable for yourself.


Necessary evaluation indicators when choosing a oscillating cutter.
When choosing a oscillating knife cutting machine, there are two necessary assessment indicators. Today, we'll start with one.
The first assessment index is to send materials, send documents for manufacturers to make samples, test machines, record videos throughout the process, and send samples back for evaluation. Now on Tiktok, many videos are accelerated, and the cut samples are processed. Many of our peers post short videos that we record. If a manufacturer can't even handle a sample, their equipment, you can imagine that it's a bad manufacture. Test machine, proofing, can also be used as a standard for later product acceptance.


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Post time: Jul-09-2024