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An indexable blades is a blade that clamps a pre-processed polygonal insert with several cutting edges on the tool body by mechanical clamping. When a cutting edge becomes blunt during use, you only need to loosen the clamping of the blade and then index or replace the blade so that the new cutting edge enters the working position, and then it can continue to be used after being clamped.    Due to the high cutting efficiency and less auxiliary time of the indexable tool, the work efficiency is improved, and the cutter body of the indexable tool can be reused, which saves steel and manufacturing costs, so its economy is good.    The development of indexable cutting blades has greatly promoted the progress of cutting tool technology, and at the same time, the specialized and standardized production of indexable cutting blades has promoted the development of the manufacturing process of cutting blades.
  • Wood Working Indexable Carbide Inserts Planer Knives

    Wood Working Indexable Carbide Inserts Planer Knives

    Indexable insert knife In cutting, when one edge point is blunted, the blade is inverted to use another edge point, which is not re-sharpened after being blunted. Most indexable tool blades are made of hard alloy,“PASSION”carbide indexable insert knives are offered in dozens of standard sizes for wood surfacing / planing cutter heads, groovers, helical planer cutter heads, and other woodworking applications.

  • Wood working Tools Carbide Planer Knives Chipper Wood Blades

    Wood working Tools Carbide Planer Knives Chipper Wood Blades

    Commonly used indexable insert blades are regular triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, convex triangle, circle and rhombus. The diameter of the inscribed circle of the blade profile is the basic parameter of the blade, and its size (mm) series is 5.56, 6.35, 9.52, 12.70, 15.88, 19.05, 25.4…. Some have holes in the center and some have not; some have no or different relief angles; some have no chip breakers, and some have chip breakers on one or both sides.